Boston Whaler are committed to creating boats that are purposefully engineered to be safe, functional and low maintenance, while they deliver a lifetime of carefree pleasure. Boson Whaler founder, Richard Fisher, loved torture tests that demonstrated the Whalers unsinkability. He drove them up rocky rapids, filled them with water and people, and cut them in half with a crosscut saw. Today a chainsaw is used, but the result is the same. Unsinkable!

 A Whalers’ unsinkability is made possible by an exclusive Unibond™ construction, which sandwiches high- density, non-absorbent foam between two walls of fiberglass – a process that also provides strong structural support and side and vibration absorption.

Boston Whalers history of innovation started with its first hull. Today, their 13-footer, featuring a variation of the original sposon design, still delivers superior stability, shallow draft and optimum performance with minimal horse power. Its unique bow shape provides outstanding handling characteristics, a dry ride and excellent sea keeping ability. Like the original hull, the Accutrack hull design of the Dauntless and Conquest lines features reverse chines that provide superior recovery, stability and a dry ride. To help tame bigger water the Accutrack design features a deep-V forward, which slices through wave action for a smooth entry when the going is rough. The offshore Outrage series sports the sharpest V-entry and can tackle offshore runs with ease.

Boston Whaler ranges:

  • Super Sport 
  • Montauk 
  • Dauntless 
  • Outrage 
  • Conquest 
  • Vantage 
  • Realm 

Super Sport

Super Sport the perfect choice for a water sports outing, a fishing trip or a leisurely cruise. No fuss, all fun.

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Classic heritage meets cutting edge capability in the Boston Whaler Montauk.

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The Boston Whaler Dauntless Series is designed to satisfy the unique needs of active families. It is well equipped for both watersports action and serious fishing. 

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Smooth offshore performance meets entertaining ease in the confidence inspiring Outrage

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Purposeful comfort and unrivalled performance, the Realm is ready for any activity on the water.  

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