X-Yachts was founded in 1979 by three passionate Danish sailors who had a simple aim: to design and build high quality racing yachts and performance cruisers that sailed better and faster than anything else on the water.

Since 2008 X-Yachts have been very successful with the Xcruising and Xperformance ranges which cater for sailors of all types. The Xc range consists of the Xc35, Xc42, Xc45 and Xc50 which are all true blue water cruisers and are ideal for long distance cruising with the family or friends in a safe, comfortable and spacious yacht. The Xp range consists of the Xp38, Xp44, Xp50 and Xp55 and these are true hybrid performance yachts, which can be equally impressive on the racecourse and as a fast, fun family yacht to cruise with.

In the summer of 2016 the new X range was launched with the X65 and X43. The brief for the design of these yachts was for them to be the best of both worlds of the successful Xc and Xp lines. The reaction to the launch of the first two models has been very positive and the X43 is fast becoming one of the best selling boats for X-Yachts. In 2018 a new X49 will be launched and the X range should be strengthened further with other models in the near future.


Dedicated long distance cruising yachts with enjoyable handling under sail

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Sleek,comfortable yachts combining world class performance and cruising amenities

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